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L4 Sunday, September 15, 1991 The Atlanta Journal The Atlanta Constitution HIGH STYLE f.IY FAVORITE TllBiG By Martha Woodham liaVLYWEDS By Martha Woodham rsf- Dr. Randall Grimes and Dr. Weselyn Ball met in 1984 while at- tending medical school at Emoiy. She's finishing a residency in psychiatry at Grady Memorial Hospital while he does bioen-gjneering research at Georgia Tech. Peggy Payne can still wear the 20-year-old red coat her husband, Tom, bought her when they moved from Miami to Chicago in 1971.

Her dogs Ashley (left), and are at her feet fWffiff" 1.11 upp, ll.l.l I HHI.M .1.1 mil II- I n.i I. ii IWJ I.J ft j-y 7W Marlene KarasStaff Peggy CozartSpecial 20 years later, wife still sees red Just what the doctors ordered a lifetime together Let's party: The reception was an outdoor brunch for 500 guests at The Landings Weselyn's parents were represented. She wore the pearls her father had given her mother and carried the handkerchief he carried on their wedding day. Our favorite wedding tradition: Friendship is Weselyn's fondest wedding memory. "For the first time since 1980, 1 was able to get my closest friends together," she says.

Favorite wedding gift: Tickets to a family reunion from Weselyn's parents. The reunion took place on a cruise to the Bahamas. Peggy Payne's favorite thing has seen her through thick and thin: Laughing, she says she is still able to button her tomato red coat after 20 years. The coat was a gift from her husband, Tom, when they moved from Miami to Chicago in 1971. "It was my Christmas present to go up there," says Mrs.

Payne, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant. Miniskirts paired with long coats were stylish, and women wore long coats like hers during the day and at night. "Bob Benner, a friend who is in the fashion business, says the lapels have been in and out about 10 times since he's known me," she says. The double-breasted coat, trimmed in gold buttons, has a long slit up the back. Atlanta winters aren't cold enough for Mrs.

Payne to wear the coat regularly, so it's become her evening coat. She wears it over co*cktail dresses, with a sheer gold scarf, which is another 20-year-old gift, at her throat. "I'm opposed to furs," says Mrs. Payne, who shares her home with three dogs and several cats. "I'm more comfortable in this.

It's bright. It's classy. It's real festive. "I'll have it for another 20 years. It's getting tight, though." Kidaway island, via.

Personal touches: Randy's Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers performed their tradi- tional song. They circled the bride and serenaded her with "The Fraternity Hymn." Honeymooning: Cozumel, Mexico. After the wedding: The couple has a condominium in Avon-dale Estates. Meet: Dr. WeselynBall and.

Dr. Randall Grimes. She's finishing her Emory University residency in psychiatry at Grady Memorial Hospital. He does bio-engineering research at Georgia Tech and is completing his clinical training at Morehouse College. How they met On their first day of medical school at Emory in the fall of 1984.

"The thing I remember about that day is that he didn't say a word to me," Weselyn says. Randy's defense? "I didn't talk to anyone else either." First date: They never reaN ly had one. "I would describe it more as an evolution," Randy says. Their study sessions gradually turned into dates for movies and dinners. Let's get married: Randy ushered in 1991 with a proposal at a New Year's Eve party at the Marriott Marquis.

Weselyn kept the sparkly top hats they wore. "I saved them as mementos to show the grandkids one day," she says. "We can wear them on our 50th anniversary." Wedding day: June 22 in the Liberty City Church of Christ, Savannah. Wedding style: The 11 a.m. wedding was formal, and the seven bridesmaids wore fuchsia.

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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia (2024)


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