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This Spiderman Valentine Box is the perfect craft for your little superhero! With just a cereal box, some craft foam and a few other supplies, your little one can make a cool valentine card box that will make them the envy of all their friends.

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Who else is obsessed with the new Spiderman movie? Up until two years ago, I didn’t even like superhero movies. However, my kids convinced convinced me to start watching the Marvel Avengers movies and after watching one (or two) every weekend for months, we got to the last one and I was completely hooked!

Iron Man was my favorite for a long time but Spiderman has now taken over the top spot. We’ve already seen No Way Home twice at the theaters and now we’re just counting down until we can stream it at home.

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Spiderman Valentine Box

That’s why, when I was invited to do a segment on valentine crafts for Sarasota’s Suncoast View, I knew just what to make. I’d already made a Spiderman pumpkin for a Halloween segment so why not make a Spiderman valentine box for Valentine’s Day.

Sarasota friends, look for my segment on February 8th on ABC7 to see this, my gnome valentine box and more.

You can see all of my Valentine Box Ideas here.

What You’ll Need

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The great thing about valentine boxes is that you usually don’t need many craft supplies. That means that they’re not only easy but budget friendly too! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Printable template
  • Cereal box
  • Craft foam – red, blue, black, white
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife or box cutters (to cut a hole for the cards)
  • Wooden skewer or popsicle stick

Tips And Tricks

  • You can find craft foam at Walmart or your local craft stores. However, you can easily make this box with construction paper instead.
  • To draw the web, it’s much easier if you make all the lines first, then add the web afterwards.
  • Be sure to make the hole big enough that you can get the cards out afterwards without destroying the box (if you plan to save it for awhile).
  • Want cute Valentine’s cards that match? There are lots of fun Spiderman cards on Etsy.

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Spiderman Valentine Box

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom

Additional Time 1 hour hour

Total Time 1 hour hour

Your little superhero will have a blast making this Spiderman Valentine Box for school.



  • Print template and cut out the pieces.

  • Trace Spiderman's head onto red construction paper.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (4)

  • Trace the eyes on to black and white craft foam. The larger eye pieces should be traced on black foam and the smaller pieces on white foam. Cut out all the foam pieces.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (5)

  • Glue the white part of the eye on top of the black, then glue the eyes to the head.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (6)

  • Use the black marker to draw lines extending out from the eyes,

    Spiderman Valentine Box (7)

  • Fill in the web.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (8)

  • Next, draw lines extending from the bottom of the eyes.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (9)

  • Fill in the web underneath the eyes.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (10)

  • Cover the back of the cereal box with blue craft foam.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (11)

  • Use box cutters or an X-acto knife to cut a hole for the valentines (this is a good job for the parents).

    Spiderman Valentine Box (12)

  • Cut a piece of the blue craft foam so that it covers the bottom half of the box. Attach to the front of the box with hot glue, then glue to the sides of the box. Cut off extra craft foam so that it's flush with the back of the box.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (13)

  • Cut a piece of the red craft foam lengthwise so that it's longer than the blue piece. Cut the front into a short "v" shape, being careful that it's still long enough so that the box doesn't show through. Be sure to also leave a long enough length of foam on top because you'll also use it to cover the top of the box.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (14)

  • Make two cuts in the craft foam so that it can be folded across the top of the box. Fold down the side flaps and secure with glue, then fold the top top flap and glue.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (15)

  • Use the permanent marker to draw lines on the red section of the foam. It may help to use a ruler to make the lines straight.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (16)

  • Fill in the rest of the web pattern.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (17)

  • Because the head may be a little "floppy", you can strengthen it by attaching a wooden skewer or a popsicle stick to the back. You may have to cut the stick to fit first.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (18)

  • Once the stick is firmly attached, hot glue the head to body.

    Spiderman Valentine Box (19)

  • For the finishing touch, glue the spider to Spiderman's chest. Now all that's left to do is to collect those classroom valentines!

    Spiderman Valentine Box (20)


If making this craft with younger kids, you can swap out the hot glue for white craft glue.

Don't have craft foam? You can easily make this valentine box with construction paper instead.

Another alternative to tracing the spider is to search "Spiderman Spider" in Google Images. When you see one you like, just print, cut out and glue.

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How fun is this? The kids can even invite friends over and make their Spiderman valentines day boxes while they watch Marvel movies. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that, right?!

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Spiderman Valentine Box (2024)


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